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Power Knob Adapter Kit for Daiwa SALTIST SALTIGA 20 30 35 40 50 2 Speed (44)

Power Knob Adapter Kit for Daiwa SALTIST SALTIGA 20 30 35 40 50 2 Speed (44)


Replacement Light Weight Round Aluminum Power Knob Adapter Kit for Daiwa SALTIST & SALTIGA 2 Speed Lever Drag Reels.
& STTLD50-2SPDReels.
 SALD20-2SPD, SALD30-2SPD, SALD35-2SPD, SALD40-2SPD and SALD50-2SPD Reels.

Handle Blank is NOT Included & NOT Needed..

These Knobs are extremely comfortable & lightweight.  They come in 3 colors: BLACK, SILVER & GOLD  The knobs contain 2 ball bearing.

Light Weight Round Aluminum Power Knob Adapter Kit for
Saltist & Saltiga Lever Drag Reels

The Adapter Kit consists of the following components:
Round  Power Knob - 44mm
Two 5mm x 10mm x 3mm Ball Bearings
2 Spacers
S/S Retainer

3mm Phillips Screw

Prior to the installation of the Adapter Kit, the original knob must be removed from the reel handle.  The removal of the original knob as well as the installation of the Adapter Kit requires the simple use of only a Phillips screw driver and Loctite 242 Blue, nothing more.

Removal of the original knob.

Using a small phillips screw driver, remove the 2 plate screws and the plate on the knob. Using the small phillips screw driver, pry out the plastic top cap from the knob. With the top cap removed, a phillips screw will be exposed.  Removing this screw will permit the knob to be removed from the handle spindle.  Keep the screw as it will be used to attach the new knob.

NOTE: Application of Loctite Blue 242

Careful application of the Loctite to your Adapter Kit knob is necessary to assure proper operation.  Please review these following points prior to the installation of the knob.

1.  Loctite must be used when the knob is installed.

2.  Using a tooth pick, paper clip or straight pin, push a drop or two of the Loctite down into the threaded hole of the handle spindle.  Remove the excess from the side and top of the spindle.

3.  Place some Loctite on the threads of the screw.  The Loctite should cover the entire circumference of the screw.

4.  Without installing the knob, tighten down the screw into the handle spindle, leaving about .25" of thread exposed.  Wipe off the excess Loctite from the exposed area and from under the head of the screw.  Let the screw/spindle set up for several hours.

5.  Remove the screw from the spindle.  There will be some resistance to the removal.  This resistance is necessary in order to keep the knob rotating freely while keeping the screw and knob from locking down.   The full setting time of the Loctite is 24 hours.  Note, Loctite 242 Blue is not permanent and screw can be removed.

6.  Proceed with the installation.

Attaching the New Knob.

1.  Place one of the ball bearings onto the handle spindle.  Position it at the bottom of the spindle. 

2.  Separate the 2 halves of the new knob by unscrewing it.  Place the 2 Spacers and then the second bearing into the cavity of the bottom half of the knob.
3.  Place the bottom half of the new knob onto the spindle, covering the bottom bearing.
4.  Place the retainer into the cavity of the bottom half of the knob on top of the second bearing.  The top of the retainer is wider than the bottom section.

5.  Place the 3mm screw into the top of the retainer and tighten down until the knob fails to rotate.  Then back off a bit to permit free spinning.

NOTE:  In most cases the knob will not rotate freely when the screw is tightened down.  This condition has been implemented by design in order to simplify the installation.

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